SLSunny Leone’s official website with adult content could go down as right wing outfit Hindu Janjagruti Samiti (HJS) is planning to launch a nationwide campaign demanding a complete ban on the portal.

HJS, headquartered in Goa, will launch a campaign against the website on September 10 from Kashi.

According to HT report, HJS activists plan to stage a demonstration at Shashtri Ghat.

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On being asked why HJS was calling for a ban only on Sunny Leone’s website, to that regional coordinator of the organisation, Nilesh Singbal said,  “In India, people are not much aware about names of other porn stars. Her growing popularity has become a threat to the Indian culture.”

The activist also advocated imposing a ban on other “such websites” too. He said that HJS had a big plan to create awareness among people about the ill-impact of porn websites on the minds of people.

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