APTEBollywood actress Radhika Apte has finally broken her silence on the leaked sex scene involving her and actor Adil Hussain from their upcoming movie “Parched”.

Speaking to NDTV, Apte said, “This leak has not affected me in any way; it has only helped me get comfortable in my skin.”

Radhika also said that this was the second time she was at the centre of a leak after a clip of from her past movie Clean Shaven had gone viral.

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“I was very angry when my first clip was leaked. This time I was not. Why should I get angry? I am so comfortable with my body. A well known journalist texted me to say once again my nude clips were leaked. I just laughed and felt that’s because I do these scenes,” she said.

“Parched” is produced by Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan and directed by Leena Yadav.

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