Chapter One, chapter two, chapter three- ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ is releasing its trailer in chapter-form and it is indeed very interesting.

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In the first three chapters, we got to know who Bindu (Parineeti) and Abhi (Ayushmann) are. What they dream of and how they met. Now the second last chapter has released today- ‘Chapter 4: Bindu Vs Maa!’

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Out of all the chapters, this one is really funny. In this chapter of the trailer the makers decided to release the angle of how Abhi’s mother hates Bindu. Why because Bindu is this outspoken, wild girl who might be a ‘wrong influence’ on her good boy.

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Bindu knows it well that Abhi’s mother does not approve of how she lives and behaves and that makes her want to behave in way so crazy that his mother gets more agitated by her.

Check out the chapter 4 here:

The final chapter (5) will release tomorrow and the movie is set to come to theaters on May 12, this year.  Let’s wait and watch what the final chapter has in store for us.