Singer Kelly Clarkson, who faced complications during the birth of her two children, says she “would die” if she gets pregnant again.

Clarkson, who has daughter River Rose and son Remington Alexander with husband Brandon Blackstock, says she won’t be having any more children as experience of pregnancy has been “horrible
She told Access Hollywood: “Everyone’s like, ‘Oh, you’re getting your tubes tied…’ No, they’re gone. My husband, like, while I was pregnant we agreed that he was going to get snipped…

“We have magical babies together… They’re amazing, but I have the worst pregnancies. I would die if I had to do it again. It was horrible.”

While the 34-year-old’s pregnancies were painful and difficult, she doesn’t regret having her two children.

“Nausea is for weak people. It was, like, hospitalisation. It’s, like, bad. I had the worst pregnancies ever. I would end up in the hospital, dehydrated. People had to come to our house and I’d be on fluids.

“Apparently that’s what it takes to make amazing babies, because they’re both stellar. We’ve made them and it’s done,” she added.