Deepika Padukone with her dad Prakash Padukone
Deepika Padukone with her dad Prakash Padukone

The love affair of bollywood star Ranveer Singh and diva Deepika Padkone has always remained in headlines, be it for rumours of their breakup or the couple getting engaged.

The couple was recently in headlines again after Ranveer Singh called Deepika “marriage material, and confessed that he would like to marry her.

On this, Deepika’s father Prakash Padukone responded in surprising yet sweet way.

Here is how Deepika’s father reacted:

In a chat with Mid Day, he said in  reaction to Ranveer’s remark that, “They are adults and know what they are doing. As father, I have given Deepika the freedom to take her own decisions. Even in this case, she is free to decide whatever she wants to do.”

This proves how good is Prakash Padukone as a father and loves her daughter a lot.