The man who has been stealing hearts since the 60’s, we wish him a very happy birthday!

To celebrate this day take a look at some rare pictures of the Legendary Kapoor.

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Not many people know the fact that his real name is 'Balbir Raj Prithviraj Kapoor'.

2. 2

Shashi Raj Kapoor was the star who Helped Amitabh Bachhan in his days of struggle!

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What people do not know is that the star has also worked in hollywood films like 'House Holder' and 'heat and Dust' , where he worked with his late wife 'Jennifer Kendal'!

4. 4

His very first role was as a child artist in the movie 'Awara' .

5. 5

The Beloved Shashi Kapoor was also given the nick name 'Taxi Kapoor' because he was busy juggling so many movies that was always seen running from one set to another.

6. 6

He has been given with many prestigious awards for many of his blockbuster movies, like 'Deewar' for which he won a Filmfare award. In 2011 he was honoured with 'Padma Bhushan' award.

7. 7

The superstar has also worked with the 'james bond' star 'Pierce Brosnan' in the movie 'Deceivers' that came out in 1988!