The glamourous and appealing life of a celebrity also has its own downfalls. While some manage to cope with the hectic lifestyle, most collapse under the stress and their lives drive down a darker road.

Here’s a list of seven such Bollywood divas who took up alcoholism to cope.

1. Meena Kumari

One of the greatest actresses ever to step into Bollywood, the beautiful Meena Kumari was a raging alcoholic. Also termed as the ‘Tragedy Queen’ of Bollywood, Kumari took up alcohol after experiencing insomnia which soon became a full-blown addiction. She died from liver-cirrhosis from excessive drinking at the age of 39.

2. Rakhee Gulzar

Famous for her role in ‘Karan Arjun’, the actress lived a very stressful life and took up alcohol after both her husbands cheated on her with Meena Kumari.

3. Silk Smitha

The South Indian actress was a major sex symbol and became very popular in her career spanning 17 years. When her career came to an end, Smitha failed to subsist and the added pressure from her love life drove her to alcohol.

4. Jaya Bachchan

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Although it has never been confirmed, the famous Jaya Bachchan has been rumoured to be an alcoholic.

5. Manisha Koirala

When her career came to a standstill and finding no luck in her love life either, Koirala found solace in alcohol. The actress managed to quit after her battle with cancer.

6. Konkona Sen Sharma

The actress, famous for her intellectual roles was addicted to alcohol and smoking. She quit the vices in 2010.

7. Sushmita Sen

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Rumours had surfaced about the Sen’s addiction to alcohol, gambling and her nervous breakdown. However, the Miss Universe has deemed all of them to be untrue.