vijay-mallya_650x400_41461208788In a bid to cover its losses, liquor giant United Spirits Ltd put 30 of Vijay Mallya’s cars up for auction, six months after he stepped down as Chairman.

The first of its kind auction was organized online by Quippo Valuers and Auctioneers on August 25.

The cars up for auction included 1903 Humber, touted as the oldest in the country, a British-made Lancaster, a Bentley Turbo R, a vintage Rolls Royce, a 2010 Rolls Royce Phantom, an emerald green Wolseley saloon vintage and a Lancia Vintage.

According to the reports, the 1903 Humber went for about Rs 1 crore, while a British-made Lancaster apparently fetched nearly Rs 2 crore.

The final decision will be announced in a day or two, said the source.

Mallya, who is embroiled in court cases over unpaid loans, is known for his love for vintage and classic cars. While he reportedly has over 100 such cars, it’s not clear if he owns all of them on paper.

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