The smallest well thought actions can have the biggest impact, otherwise how is it possible that a mobile application developed by the Ministry of Power unleashes a million possibilities about how people will get power supply in the coming months and years.

vidyut pravahThe mobile application which provides details of the purchase price of electricity at power exchange on real time basis, be it day or night, it also provides for electricity shortage figures for each state of the Union of India. This is what has led to a paradigm shift, because any citizen of the country can now access the day to day electricity shortage figure of his state on the mobile application. For example – If a state declares that it has 0 power shortage on the Vidyut Pravah app, but the residents of the same state are facing 5 to 7 hour power cuts each day, they can i) ask the state to buy more power, or ii) raise the issue with the state government as to why are they lying by saying that the state has no power shortage.

The app is also a boon for lakhs of small scale industrial units operating across the country too, as they can acess the information from the app and demand 24-hour power supply from the state. The small industry faces the most problems due to power shortage as it is cannot afford the high costs of power back up via generator, ditto for the residential consumers and as far as the big industry is concerned, their cost of production also gets affected.

Power Minister Piyush Goyal in an interaction said that the Vidyut Pravah app will empower the people to demand 24-hour power supply from state governments. The aim of the app is to increase transparency across the value chain, he said.