Apple Accessories on Amazon, Are You Buying A Fake?

| October 25 , 2016 , 12:31 IST
[caption id="attachment_233207" align="aligncenter" width="700"]Apple Accessories on Amazon, Are You Buying A Fake? Apple Accessories on Amazon, Are You Buying A Fake?[/caption] Amazon may be conquering online shopping across the world and has certainly made its presence felt in India, giving stiff competition to other online retailers. Known for variety of products, low prices and fast shipping, Amazon is not immune to selling fakes albeit unknowingly. In a sting operation Apple has discovered that nearly 90 percent of products marketed as 'Apple' originals on Amazon, are counterfeit. ALSO READ: Apple Sues Amazon: 90 Percent Of Apple Products On Amazon Are Fake Counterfeit products are cleverly masked with marked up pricing similar to originals, and often with 'planted' reviews in praise of the product. While fake branded clothes, sandals or handbags only result in poor quality, fake electronics come with the added risk of electric shocks, explosions even fires. ALSO READ: Amazon’s Junglee To Compete With OLX, Quikr In August 2016, Amazon tried to stop the flow of counterfeit products on its site by adding a $1,500 fee for third-party merchants selling branded products, however the recent lawsuit by Apple on an Amazon supplier shows that counterfeit, at least for Apple products, has not stopped.