Abhishek Chaudhary

Self-proclaimed rockstar, his mission is to take the fight for eyeballs to the entertainment team at work. Constant accidents and smashed car define this introvert at first look. Once he opens up, he can be a charmer. Google’s his best friend cause’ he has magic in his fingers – his stories trend on search engines. Sachin is his god but he eats and breathes Chelsea, drinks everything, burps techno, freaks the hell out with dogged stubbornness, a little iffy outside his comfort zone, but overall the king of good times. Finally, Vijay Mallaya has some competition! One day he aspires to become India’s answer to rap or Baba Sehgal (take your pick) because this is what he wrote to describe himself at work: 'When I write stories, down goes ent, even gopi bahu runs hiding in a tent.' Amen!